Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Internet connection cost (A rant)

In my new home upstate I recently had Comporium internet service installed. My other home I have Bell South (ATT) internet service. Both are basic DSL connection.

I pay $19.95 for ATT internet service and $ 44.95 for Comporium. Even though comporium is over twice as high it is much slower. To get the same speed as I have with ATT it would cost me $60.oo a month with comporium. That is three time what ATT charges for the same service.

I have no choice but to use Comporium as that is the only highspeed internet available. I am ticked off at having to pay a lot more for internet connection and getting a lot less in terms of speed of the connection. It not much faster that Dial up which brings up another beef. Dial up with Comporium cost more than High speed internet connection in Charleston does . Here we have choices of who we can get for high speed conection but I have no choices in my upstate home.

It just goes to show you when there is no competion you pay through the nose just like we are with fuel cost. I just had to rant about it.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Well what is next

I found a blog by another artist that I like very much. So I thought I would start a blog about my woodturnngs and photography.

Now that I have started it I not sure what to do now. Give me a little time to figure out how all this works.

This is a vase I recently made from Hickory (Ashe) wood.

I had to remove a hedge from my front yard. I kept the root ball to used to make a woodturning

This a picture taken on the last day the old cooper river bridge was used. It was replaced by a state of the art new suspension bridge which also has a walkway and bike path across it.