Sunday, May 20, 2012

 The Charlotte Transporter and bicycle show was held May 19th at the Hodges farm just off the bypass 495 that goes around Charlotte.  The was there 1st bicycle show I believe  and has a lot of room for improvements. But being the first it was not bad. 

I took my 1971 Schwinn Collegiate which all original to enter it in the bicycle show contest.  There was not a specific category for my bike so I just enter it in hopes of winning the peoples choice for the best bicycle. I knew I had the best but wonder if anyone else did. It didn't seem like to many people were that interested in my bike, one of about 40 or more in the contest.  I was so discourage that I almost left early. Well I stuck around but being so sure I was not going to win I pack up my bike before the the announcement of who won took place. 

When the winners were announced I was sort of on pins and needles as I knew I had the best bike of the show but still though my bike was  not going to win. The annoucement for each category was made for  the Oldest bike, the best muscle bike, the best BMX, The Tetanus award for the most rusty bike, not sure what else and then the best of the show.

My bike WON, Hurray. Surprise Surprise 

The above bicycle surely was the most talked about and I half expected it to win because of the attention it was receiving. I surely was the most unusual bike ever made, sort of scary.