Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Although my blogger is intended to show mostly my photography and woodturnng I like to occassionally add a little about my bicycling since it is my favorite sport.

For the past few days I have been to Charleston and had the chance to make my first bicycle ride for 2009 and I hope it just the start of many more bike rides. I have a home on James Island near the ocean and that is usually my starting point for a bicycle tour. I have ridden on James Island and Folly Beach hundreds of time but it been a while since I last done that. This weekend it was like riding it for the first time. The weather was beautiful but just teasy bit cool especially riding on the beach.

In all I rode 42 miles in three days which I used to ride the same distance in about 2 1/2 hours. Well I am not as good as I was once plus I am terribly out of shape. Riding my bike did make me feel a lot better more like I used to feel.

I also rode on the West Ashley Greenway for the first time in about two or three years. It is a old railroad bed turn into a walking and bike path. It will be part of the East Coast Greenway bicycle path that will run from Maine to Florida. I had hope to ride it all the way one day but that is not likely to happen now. I should be thankful that I can ride a bicycle at all now because of my injury to my leg back in 2005. This put a end to m active life style but I am trying to recover some of it back.

Today I going to attempt to ride my bicycle downtown Lancaster on part of what was my paper route back when I was a teenager. This will be the first time since I rode a bike downtown since around 1958 or 59. I know I can't ride the entire route as I can't even remember where all my route went.

I hope to publish more stories about my future in cycling.