Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow around home (This post is all screw up)

Could this be Cotton hanging off the tree limbs? I remember when I worked in the cotton mills cotton as it was being made into cloth would float in the air and get suck out of the air vents into the outside and settle on trees fences or whatever was outside. This picture reminds me of that.

It is actually snow that is clinging to the berries left on the tree.

Last summer I planted some fruit trees beside our home. They looked all covered up by the snow in this picture.

Bradford pears trees as they are so pretty when they are flowering in the spring. They are equally as pretty when they are snow covered.

Speaking of our Tibetan Terriers here are my two best friends. They don't like the snow at all. I had to persuade them to even get out into the yard. It funny because there descendant came from the high mountains of Tibet where it snows like heck and it is very cold.

Goldie all by himself. He is really laid back and nothing ever bother him. He really a good dog but it does take time to get used to anyone he does not know. Once he does he is there friend.

Shania is in a hurry to get back in the house and is looking at as if to say why am I taking my time letting her back in. She hates the snow.


This is the front view of our home on James Island in Charleston. The Magnolia tree to the right has snow on the trees leaves and it really looks like that they are Magnolia blossoms. It sure looks pretty to me.

In Charleston we have some Grapefruit trees and orange trees as seen in this picture.