Friday, April 16, 2010

Honey bees and etc.

I hadn't realized it been so long since I lasted wrote anything in my blog. We have now gone from it being a frigging cold winter to a nice beautiful Spring.

I started a new hobby and like always I get into something that is expensive. I am now a Bee Keeper. About three weeks ago I went to Pickens SC and pickup two 3 pounds packages of Bees. That is about 20,000 bees which is enough to start two Bee Hives.

If wasn't for bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all. One of the Hives of bees flew the coup so to speak and just disappeared. I have no idea where they went. However the one remaining Bee Hive is doing very well so far. I ordered a replacement of another 10,000 bees and will get next month which is the soonest I can get them.

I sure hope these new bees don't disappear on me as that can get quite expensive. I love honey and I am looking forward to eating honey made right in my back yard.

To change the subject I have not been able to get much wood turning done this year. I getting pretty discourage at not being able to sell any of my work in my hometown. I am for the first time since I started turning about 14 years ago considering quitting wood turning and sell all my equipment. I had expected or hope that is that I would be teaching wood turning in my home town like I used to do where I live before moving to Lancaster. So far nothing has come of this.I guess I will wait another couple of months to see if that possibility ever gets anywhere before deciding to quit but I even if I do teach wood turning I still may quit and sale most of my equipment and put the money in something else like Bees.

I have a lot of things that I love to do and it just a matter of pursuing the ones that produces the most pleasure and fun. If this Bee keeping is successful I may get a lot more hives and sell honey instead of wood turnings. Admittedly I haven't been able to promote my wood turning at any shows since I haven't been able to sell my other home and my wife is still living there until it does sale. It looks like that is going to be forever.

Bee keeping does have it draw backs as Bees are so susceptible to diseases and mites that can kill all the Bees if I don't stay on top of there health. Being new at this I have a lot to learn. However I am getting kick out of watching them at work. They really work hard.