Monday, January 30, 2012

New kind of hobby like I really needed another one.

The top photo is of my 1947? Shelby Airflo bicycle. When I received it I was a bit disppointed as it look terrible. However with a little spit and polish it now looks great and does not need much done to it. Only the headlight was in bad shape but I am now working on restoring it.

So far I have obtain four antique bicycles. I love bicycling and collecting classic bicycles goes well with my love of bikes. I am hoping to at least add a couple of more bikes to my collection. However when I do find vintage bikes that are in good shape and the price is right I may just add them to my collection as well.

If you know of any please let me know where and how to contact the owners of such bikes. I am currently hunting for old ballon bicycles made in the 1940s and 1950s

The pictures of the above  two bikes are indian made bicycles. One is a Indian scout and the other is a princess Indian bike made in 1961. I am happy to be able to add them to my collections. Indian are rare bikes made by the company that also made Indian Motorcycles. In fact The Indian Motorcycle company made bicycles before they started making motorcycles.
To get a pair of Indian bicycles one a boys bike and the other a girls bike is indeed rare especially in the excellent conditions these are. The boys bike as a dyno hub in the front wheel to make electricity to run lights with. I hoping to adapt it to charge my iphone.

Wow this is indeed a rare find that I have. It is a Spalding chainless driveshaft driven bicycle made in either 1895 or 1896 which is the only two years that they were made. It is in great shape except the wheels are not correct. Some one also painted it and did a terrible job.

I am now workng at getting it restored. The original had wood wheels and I trying to get some to get the wheels like it originally had. Then I will have to strip the paint off and have it repainted the way it look back in the day. When completed I will have a true gem that should bring a good price. I only seem one other bike like this one and that was in a museum in Michingan. I will more news about my bike and restoration of old bikes as time goes by.