Thursday, April 2, 2009

Today is a very special day for me. It is my birthday but also it is the day of the start of my woodturning show in Lancaster SC. The reception starts at 5:30 Pm today. I will have on display my work at the Springs house in Lancaster for all of this month.
I have done some shows and demostration before so this is not exactly new to me so what is so special about this show.
Well for one I have never done a show in my home town of Lancaster. This is not just showing my work before strangers but it showing it to my friends and family most of which have never seen my art work. I wonder how they will react to my being a artist or maybe attempting to be a artist is a better word. Will they think I am good or not? Of course I know I am good but the question is what will they think?
The Idea of doing a show in my hometown of Lancaster started three and half years ago. when if first came up it was just after I injured my leg bad. I though then I would never be able to turn again so doing a show as for as I was concern could never happen. I was cripple and the pain my leg was so bad that my life center around my leg.
Well mircalously I have been able to start turning again and for the past six month or so I have been busy making new work to put in the show. I just hope it they will be well received and my reputation as a turner will be enhanced in my hometown. Lancaster will become my home again and will be center for doing my art work instead of Charleston.
I am also hoping that this show will give me a big boast in reestablishing myself as a premier art turner that I had lost due to my injury and inabilty to turn wood for so long.