Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I am planning or thinking about doing a bike ride called the Blue Ridge Breakaway this year around August in the mountains. It only a one day ride but it probably will be the most strenuous one day ride I have ever done, that is if I do it. It is to start near Maggie Valley and go into some very hilly mountain terrain. In past years I pretty much avoided doing bike tours that involved a lot of hill climbing as I never been good at this. Certainly since I injured my leg I really my hill climbing was really bad. However since moving back to Lancaster I had to ride on very hilly roads whether I like it or not, that is if I wanted to ride my bike at all. This has made me stronger at hill climbing than I have ever been so much that I now considering doing the unthinkable. It is a metric century ride however I do have the option of doing a shorter ride but the climbs will be steep no matter what.

I can’t believe that I am even considering doing this. But since a few months ago I found out I could stand on the pedals to put more power in my pedaling I am better at hill climbing now. Since my accident back in 2005 I have never been able to stand on the pedals until a few months ago. I never thought I would be able to do that again as the pain was too intense. Still is but I am over coming it.

I am also considering doing a couple more bike tours as well. One in Charleston that not far away and who knows maybe I will try and do the Katy Trail ride again. If I do that it will be my first bike tour that is longer than two days since I injured my leg more than 6 years ago.

This time of the year is always dream time. I don’t always do the bike tours I like to do but dreaming about them helps me sort out the tours that can be realty from the ones that will just remain dreams.

I have signed up todo the Blue Ridge Breakaway bike ride. I just hope I am up to doing it.