Sunday, August 16, 2009


I have mapped out a 12 mile road course for me to use to train on my bike. It is all about performance. I want to get my legs working better for a old geezzer and hopefully loose some excess fat that I have.

The first time I rode the 12 miles I used my old Cannodale converted into touring bike. it took me about 59 minutes the first time. I now have ridden the 12 miles about 6 times and have gotten the time down to 46 minutes 55 seconds using my racing bike.That is about as fast as I can do it at the present time.

My goal is to get it down to at least 45 minutes for the 12 miles. To do this I have to get better on the hills which I hate. Several of the hills are very steep at least to me they are very steep. I would guess at least two hills are about 8 percent grade for nearly a half mile. When it hot my head is like a pressure cooker and the heat really built up which slows me down some. When it cooler like in the 70 I can go up the hills faster but not a lot. My bad leg is my greatest handicapped and that is why I want to train on hills. Hopefully I can get more strength in that leg.

Bicycle riding is a joy and I do like riding a bike as hard as I can sometimes. If I had a riding partner then a more leisurely pace at times would be more enjoyable. Well I don't have a ridng partner so I ride to suit.

Below is a map of my 12 mile training ride. I only do this about once a week with longer rides the rest of the time.

The video is about performance riding bike. It sort of describes me.