Monday, November 3, 2008

My first Native American style Flute

Well I think this is just about done. It looks kind of nice to me but I don't know how it sounds. I mean I can make noises with it but how in the heck do I make it sound like music instead of a Owl screeching.
I am sure it needs some tuning but that I don't know how to do either. I want to learn now to play it. On my internet search everyone that makes flutes says it is easy to play even it one does not know anything about music. Well they never heard of me and I am not in the least bit musical inclined. I started to playing it but my two dogs ran in the corner of the room and covered their ears up with their paws, it is that bad.

I like the sound of this kind of flute and I really like to learn how to play it if I am not too dumb to learn. First I have to learn how to tune it or find someone that knows how it suppose to sound. Then I have to convince them to teach me how to play it. I know I wishing for a lot, more than you know
I have one more flute that I have started to make but I first want to learn more about how to make it sound good. This is necessary for me to know just how much wood needs to be removed when drilling the tuning holes and making sound chamber. It sure would help me if I knew a little more about music. Any volumteers.

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A couple of months ago I watch a demostration at the Waxhaw woodturners club meeting about making teapots. Raymond Overman demostrated how he makes teapots.

Based on the knowledge I gain from his demostration I made my first teapot as picture here. It really is simple teapot as I just wanted to get the technique of making it down pat. It is a little to plain so I may add some kind of designs either carved or burned on each side of the teapot to make it a little more interesting.

Raymond did a very good job of explaining how to do it and I sure do thank him. I always anxious to learn new techniques in woodturning.
I added some pyrograhics to the teapot. This is something that I have never tried before. Well I guess you can tell.