Saturday, November 15, 2008

A fluted Elm Bowl

I haven't done a fluted bowl in quite sometime now. I just completed making a adapter for my mini router which lets me do fluting easier. It is a piece of cake compared to the way I use to do fluting. I was not sure fluted sides would look good with this spalted wood.

I still have to polish this up before it is finish but the hard work is done. I am going to make another out of the same wood next. Oh! the wood is spalted Elm that I have had for sometime .

One of this days I will make a lighting setup so I can get some decent photographs of my turnings.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I had a friend of mine to visit me yesterday. I was showing him what could be done to a photograph using photoshop. I was playing around with these picture and sort of like the results. Below is what the picture looked like without being altered. It not exactly the same picture as they were taken a few minutes apart.

I not getting to work on photography as much as I want to but hope that once we get everything settle from moving I will have time to work on photography as well as my woodturning and do a good job at both.