Sunday, August 31, 2008

A rant but I just had to make it.

Yesterday I visited Woodcraft in Charlotte NC for the first time. I have spend a lot of money with woodcraft in Charleston the past years and had expected to make some major purchases this year with wood craft in Charlotte because I am closer to them now. I had hope that they would go ahead and allow me the 10 Percent discount that the woodturning club members are getting.

I wanted to go ahead and make some purchases with them provided that I got the 10 per cent discount. The first salesman I talk with said he knew nothing about any discount and said I would need to talk with the big boss about it and then left without directing me to the big boss.

I then talked with another salesman and ask him the same question about getting the club discount. He ask what I was interested in buying. I told him that it was a number of items and gave him a couple of specfic items I needed assuming I got the woodturning club discount.

Well I never got a answer to my question as he just walked off and started waiting on other customers just like the first saleman did. It finally dawn on me that they were not going to answer me or attempt to help me anymore. I guess they decided I was a dead beat and wasn't going to waste anymore time on me.

Whether that is true or not it sure changed my mind about doing any business with the Charlotte woodcraft now. To just walk away was very rude and I will not put up with that kind of treatment. As the old saying goes I will take my business elsewhere.