Sunday, January 25, 2009

A visit from some new friends

Last week was one of the best I have had while staying alone in Lancaster. I went out twice to eat out with some very dear high school classmates. To add to this yesterday I got a surprise visit from some wood Carvers out of Charlotte, Spartanburg and a little town called Silver Street near Newberry SC. I have never met any of them before not even online with the exception of one person who happens to be a good friend of mine.

They had heard about me from my friend that lives In Silver Street and had seen pictures my works on my blogs. So they came to my home to show me some woodcarving tricks that I had mention in my blogging that I wanted to learn to do. I am very interested in doing more woodcarving to my woodturnings. The really big difference between wood carving and woodturning is that the wood is revolving it is being carved out and wood carving the wood is stationary and uses different tools to cut the wood with.

I ended up doing some woodturning demonstration for them and we got to do a little woodcarving. These were a great group of guys and we intend on doing this again in March but this time it will be a planned event and I will be better prepared.

I forgot to take any pictures so I don't have any to post.