Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bicycle time trials

Last week I went to the Uptown Bicycle Shop in Charlotte NC for a party.  Now that I am able to ride a bicycle much better I wanted to meet more cyclist in hopes of finding some cyclist friends to ride with once in a while. While I like riding by myself I do not like riding by myself all the time. I like meeting people who love cycling like I do.

I think going there to meet other cyclist was a success and met several potential cyclist that I  could ride with on organized bike rides. I live to far away to expect anyone to travel to my home to  ride. I met one very interesting cyclist that got me interested in doing bicycle time trials. I done almost everything else on a bicycle but time trailing is not one of them.

The time trials are held once a month during the cycling season at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. After reading the web site about this I think I am going to try doing this. Even though I am somewhat handicap I still like to see how I can performed against other cyclist, not the young lions though,  I seem some cyclist that are so strong that they could ride the entire 4 laps on the speedway faster than I can get on my bike. I will be mostly competing against myself. I may be the only one that I can beat. Four laps on the speedway is the distance of the time trail.

I am looking forward to trying this out and letting it be my new cycling  adventure.