Sunday, September 9, 2012

Riding around my hometown.

I try to ride my bike several days a week. Once in a while I ride to the city of Lancaster which is about 8 or 10 miles from home. I don't ride there  very often as the route I take goes through what is now a pretty rough  neighborhood.  It was not always that way but time has change things.. there. I also was borned in this  neighbor and live there for the first 4 years of m life I have been very forunate in that no one has ever bother me or even attempted to bother me. I guess the th reputation it has now that worries me the most. A few weeks ago a cyclist was attacked and beat up while riding through this neigborhood.

I mention that in my last post that I had acquired a camera to record my bike rides that I do. On September 14th I did a 25 mile bike ride to town and did a video of this ride. Well it takes about two and half hours to ride the 25 miles plus the time I mess around. Two and half hours of video is a long time so I have edited it down to just a little over 4 minutes. I am finally getting more familiar with editing and think i did a pretty good job on this video but I am going to get better at as I learned.

I hope that my readers of my blog will enjoy the video I have made and posted.